• Size: 80mm x 150mm x 30mm
  • Weight: 226g (incl. batteries), 158g (excl.)
  • Power: 6V sealed rechargeable batteries (3 x AA-sized cells)
  • Use adapter DC640, 707, 708 or 709, 6 Volts, 400mA (center positive)
  • Display: 10 digit red LED  module with bubble lens (eleventh for minus sign) plus two digit (smaller) red LED module with bubble lens (third holds minus sign) for the exponent
  • Features: Standard four functions plus brackets, square root, squares, nth root, logs, powers, trigs, degree-radian, reciprocal, polar/rectangular coordinates, register exchange, stats, change sign, pi and two function double memory.  Scientific notation 10 + 2
  • Age: 1975
  • Manufacturer: Commodore Business Machines, Inc.