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This site is dedicated to the restoration and preservation of Commodore computers and peripherals.

Initially the site was designed just as an offline database to organize the collection, but now in this online version it is also available for the like-minded like yourself.
However, this database was originally not intended to be published, so it’s not a typical website, but enjoyable nonetheless 🙂

But, over time I shall transform it into a “real” website.
Just because… it’s fun… Consider it as a work in progress.

There’s tons of information available everywhere online, that’s why you won’t find any redundant and lengthy descriptions of each item on this site. You got here, so I guess you know that 1541 not only refers to Phillip II’s year of birth 🙂
Here you will find just some basic technical data on the specific items in the collection and what has been done to them in the restoration or repair process.

In the “photos” section I will just throw everything from “behind the scenes” in no special order.

Upon personal invitation, the collection can be enjoyed in person in Mannheim-Sandhofen/Friesenheimer Insel, Germany.

So far, most items have been listed, at least in the text file [the scroll icon] which can be found at the top of each category. Items which have been fully restored/re-worked/refurbished have a link which will lead to the item page. The far-distant goal is to have everything listed someday, every spare IC or cable or spare part, every disk or book or manual. Someday – but that’s a [long] life’s work 🙂

And now – Happy browsing.

In German: Alle Commodoreriche müssen gerettet werden! ALLE!!! 🙂