PC 10-III COLT | CA0002308


Serial: CA0002308

  • mainboard revision: 5.3
  • CPU: Intel 8088-1 running at 4.77MHz (Standard), 7.16Mhz (Turbo), or 9.54MHz (Double)
  • Optional 8087 math co-processor
  • RAM: 640KB
  • ROM: P10c BIOS Version 4.3
  • Chipset: Faraday FE2010A single chip controller IC
  • Clock: Battery-backed Real Time Clock (RTC) maintains the date and time while the system is powered off
  • Floppy Drives: 2x 360K 5.25″ Chinon FZ-502 (SMC FDC9268 controller)
  • Sound: On-board piezoelectric beeper
  • Ports:
    • 9-pin d-sub bus mouse port compatible with Commodore Amiga 1352 mouse (MOS 5720)
    • 25-pin d-sub RS-232 serial port (Western Digital WD8250-PL)
    • 25-pin d-sub 8-bit Centronics parallel port (Paradise PPC1)
    • DIN-5 IBM PC XT-compatible keyboard port
    • 9-pin d-sub RGBI/Monochrome video port
    • RCA composite video port
  • Video: Onboard Paradise PVC4
    • MDA Monochrome Text
    • Hercules Monochrome Graphics
    • CGA Color Text and Graphics
    • Plantronics Colorplus Graphics
    • Alpha132 Monochrome Text
  • 3x 8-bit ISA slots for expansion
  • 75 watt power supply
  • work performed:
    • FDDs disassembled, cleaned and lubricated
    • drive A: front bezel matched in color to drive B:
    • whole machine completely dismantled and cleaned
    • mainboard and PSU recapped with Rubycon brand 105° type
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