Amiga 2000HD | JA4035459

Amiga 2000HD

Serial: JA4035459

  • Partitions:
    • DH0: Boot
    • FH0: Workbench
    • FH1: Work
  • work performed:
    • battery removed, minimal leakage, all neutralized and cleaned
    • cable for new battery solution attached
    • FDD disassembled, cleaned and lubricated
    • whole machine completely dismantled and cleaned
    • all ports which were terminally rusty have been restored
    • power supply dismantled, cleaned and missing fan screw replaced
    • hard drive configuration with all partitions and data restored to factory settings (WB 1.3)
    • PC side installed with 15MB hardfile on FH1:
    • Janus PC disk added to C:\
    • MS-DOS 4.01 and Windows 3.0 (with AMOUSE.DRV) installed
    • DirWork installed
  • flaws:
    • HDD LED missing
    • internal strout missing
    • floppy drive bezel color
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