PC 30-III | 006180


Basically, a PC 30-III is a PC 40-III with no onboard VGA, a 20MB HDD (instead of 40MB) and an added EGA video card. There are two versions: One with a standard PC 40-III mainboard where all the VGA components simply were not installed, and a later version with a “real” PC 30-III mainboard. The silk screen between the ISA slots either says “PC 40-III” or “PC 30-III” respectively.

Comes with:

Serial: 006180

  • PC 40-III Mainboard with unpopulated VGA area
  • CPU: Intel 80286 running at 6MHz (standard) or 12MHz (double)
  • Optional 80287 math co-processor
  • RAM: 1024K [640K Base, 384K extended]
  • ROM:
  • Floppy Drive:
    • 1,44M 3,5″ Chinon FB-357
  • Hard Drive: WD 93028-A 21MB 3,5″/HH IDE/AT (Type 06)
  • Ports:
    • 9-pin d-sub bus mouse port compatible with Commodore Amiga 1352 mouse [MOS 5720]
    • RCA audio out
    • 25-pin d-sub RS-232 serial port
    • 25-pin d-sub 8-bit Centronics parallel port
  • Video: ATI EGA Wonder 800+ rev. 1
  • 4x ISA slots for expansion [3x 16bit, 1x 8bit]
  • work performed:
    • both batteries removed, case and board cleaned with vinegar essence, alcohol and KONTAKT LR
    • all components in the area de-soldered, including U501
    • corrosion removed with glass-fibre pen
    • components re-soldered, U501 socketed
    • FDD disassembled, cleaned and lubricated
    • HDD repaired: one blown tantalum cap replaced
    • whole machine completely dismantled and cleaned
    • mainboard, floppy and PSU recapped with Rubycon brand 105° type
    • 2nd floppy bezel thingy bleached to match 1st floppy
    • Norton Backup 2.0 installed
  • notes:
    • factory sealed, opened for refurbishing
  • still to do:
    • make backup of HDD
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